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Steven Herrell and Herrell Bugs Don't Use Them

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Steven Herrell and Herrell Bugs Don't Use Them Empty Steven Herrell and Herrell Bugs Don't Use Them

Post by mrfeather Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:22 pm

Most people that know me know that I am a fare person. On that note Herrell Bugs 8 years ago did a pan and some rust repair needless to say I came out on the bad side of that. Last year took my car to a shop and Steven Herrell would come out and help this person with my car. Here is THE WARNING some people know of Steven swapping parts out and putting any old thing he could find in it's place. On that note I'm at the midpoint of my car the left side pan is not bolted down. A Totally Stainless Steel kit with every nut, bolt and screw to build the with is missing half of the kit I made sure everything needed was the to put the car back better the new. But I finding rusted nuts and bolts used on the car parts missing the list is a mile long. Now Herrell Bugs may have been a good company in the past but the way the family is running the place now they are not worth a damn. I hope that this info gets out to the people in time that they might not have to deal with these people like I have had to. And if anyone has been wronged by them get the word out and help get these type of shops and people out of the VW world.
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