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Info needed on area Case splitter.

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Info needed on area Case splitter. Empty Info needed on area Case splitter.

Post by ASBug Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:08 pm

Any who deals with split cases:

I have a AJ case (FI - no fuel pump hole) engine that I just got out of a 1972 Super that appears to have been split. The rebuilder marked the case under the dog house and right under the carbwith either a W or an M. Said W or M was made with a series of peens from a center punch. Each 1/2 is marked in 2 spots, and the case halves have the same casting # stamped into them. The car has a new looking starter and the engine was equiped with a Weber 2 bbl. The engine seems to have good compression, and is equipped with a header. If any one here has an idea as to who rebuilt the engine, let me know. Car had a 2000 Hamilton Co. TN. Plate on it. I got it through a Auto Recycler so I know none of the history.
Any way the car appears to have been parked because of a shifter problem in that the shifter was dissasembled in the floor boards. The car is rusty and I got irritated and cut out the apron when I could get no local help to get the engine out. I might have a few parts off of this car to trade sell that are 71-72 super specific. Strut towers appear to be solid as is the spare tire tray. Let me know if your in need of any thing. The rust is primarily in the floor pans and driver's top HChannel. If any one wants to buy the entire car, I could be pursusaded to toss in a brand new apron that I have, the car is just too rusty for me. It does have a driver's front and rear fender that are in good shape and a driver's rear fender that is in pretty good shape. The passenger's rear is dented, but could be saved.
I didn't BAJA the rear, just cut out the apron part, I have the apron and It could be welded back if you want.
Let me know if you have any info on the builder, I am interested in finding out the displacement W/O removing the heads.

I have checked the cooling paths for nests and such and removed the Doghouse and inspected it's passages. Case appears to have no leaks and is CLEAN. I have replaced the Webber with a new VW of mexico steel intake and a 30/31 with adaptor. I plan on chainging the oil, it is full / clean, then checking the valves then firing it up. I have a run stand.

I believe that the engine / beetle have been worked on post-2000.

If any one here has any info I would appreciate it!
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