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Post by swelchy on Sun May 19, 2013 8:48 pm

Picked up an as41 motor on an engine stand someone had started a build and never finished... The seller had a family member pass and these were part of his estate.. no idea whats inside the case but looks pretty good... AS41 case complete w/oil cooler and with new cylinders and new cb 044 heads & no name twin tip bus exhaust... no valve covers, rockers or push rods.... has the gen/alt stand oil filler... All the Doghouse & tinware is german and fresh paint... scat pulley and three big bins of random used parts... crankshafts camshafts... I'm going to be putting up some of the parts on here for trades of some sorts... pictures will be posted soon for that stuff in the for sale area.... Stoked I picked up what looks like a super deal for an incredible price... Shocked
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