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Old Wheels

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Old Wheels Empty Old Wheels

Post by vwkultur Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:11 pm

This is a Quote!!!! old model wheels
From 64bugman To vwkultur, Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:25 pm

I took an old model wheel to ALvin`s 2 fridays ago, and put it on my bus, back in the hole next to the fence.I`m havein a hard time gettin that dang thing out of there.Anyway, somebody went in there last week and took my wheels off the front.The wheel that I put on the driverside came off a 63 that I bought 12 years ago.The wheels were the ones that came from factory with the car.A matching set...Did you know that in 63 the front two wheels were 1/4 inch more narrow than the back wheels.Now I don`t know if all beetles came that way or if it was only for that year..But I do know that I want my dang wheel back.If you hear that anyone was lookin for a set and that they got it from Alvin,let me know..Alvin did have a guy come in there last week and bought a set of wheels,, but he says that they didn`t come off my bus......... I want my dang wheel back...We need to get together 1 weekend,, maybe cook out, stay up all night watchin the fire.LOL.
Thanks for listening Donnie,I feel better already,
Big Al out.

I have a buddy that bought a 67 splitty van from our local purveyor of used Vw parts that went to his place of business a couple of days ahead of time and put some old rims and tires on the bus in order to make getting it off the yard and to his home easier. Guess what some low life scum or scums stole the wheels before he got to it. Now this is not a true member of our society or the true american society. I know I and most of us would help a brother or sister out in the time of need! Did they need these wheels to feed themselves or their family? Just ask I'm sure we could help them out in some way. Are they stealing them to get their Vw on the road.......don't they not have friends? I know that Big Al is a working stiff like most of us. Any money we can squirrel away we try to put into our hobby our passion our relief from the every day stresses from our working life. And these scums come and take it away.....I'm sure their relatives and deceased kin folks are sure proud of them! This is what will bring our Great Country down not terrorist but our own lack of morality. Just remember thiefs, Karma is a Bitch!!!! If you have any moral fabric in your body you will return them to Alvins no questions asked! Anyone reading this please be on the lookout for these rims and pm me. Thanks for the rant and remember it is people like Alvin that keep us in parts!
Please feel free to post this in any other forums....Thanks (I Hate Thieves!!!!) Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
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Old Wheels Empty Re: Old Wheels

Post by bakertim2 Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:28 pm

There is nothing more dispicable, than a thief. Earn what you get, be proud of what you achieve. There is no honor among thieves.
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Old Wheels Empty Re: Old Wheels

Post by skunk Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:32 pm

ya dude.people r stupid.i say we campout in alvins bone yard and c howmany people cum out there at night.then scare the crap out of can be german cops
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Old Wheels Empty Re: Old Wheels

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