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Breech In Engine Compartment

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Breech In Engine Compartment Empty Breech In Engine Compartment

Post by 71_georgia_beetle Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:02 am

Not so much a question rather than a finding. Upon advise from Jon, (shameless plug) The Volkswagen Club of Athens, I plugged the hole in the engine tin that served the preheater hose from my bath. I actually just mocked it. I connected a pipe to the bath and ran it through the hole with nothing connecting on the other end. I dropped 40 degrees or so just by making this one change. That was measured in oil temp. Point being, any breeches in the engine compartment can have adverse reactions on engine temps.
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Breech In Engine Compartment Empty Re: Breech In Engine Compartment

Post by ksc78vw Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:36 pm

The best heat reduction for the money is a remote oil cooler. However, 40 deg. is good for just pluggin a hole in the tin.....
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