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Post by 65type2dailydriver on Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:05 pm

So i stumbled upon this site go check out the video it is pretty cool. looks to be just a concept at this time, guess no one has stepped forward with the $129,000 they are asking for the solar power eco camper version.
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Verdier Camper bus Empty Re: Verdier Camper bus

Post by 69panel on Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:35 am

Pretty nice idea but a little pricey @ 129K. That kind of money would buy a class "A" motor home
I think it is only in "concept" now and I doubt the final product will be possible.
I say that because of the way there is no "A piller" between the the door glass and the windshield. Also the side doors.
I say that can't be done and seal out the rain or wind.
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