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Official EUEX Rollout Hosted by durtydubs

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Official EUEX Rollout Hosted by durtydubs Empty Official EUEX Rollout Hosted by durtydubs

Post by catnmouse Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:22 am

Official EUEX Rollout hosted by durtydubs

We saw them cruising down I16 on our way elsewhere since we weren't able to go last year. It was a site to see! We are hoping to join them this year, in either the 78 Dasher Wagen or one of our VR6s Smile

Alright guys we are hosting this event for the 3rd year in a row! This year we are partnering up with Four Rings ATL!! We had a blast last year and we are ready for this years event too!! We had at least 20+ cars from Japanese, American, and to European roll with last year! We want this to be a group of car enthusiasts and people who just love to have a good time! Also it doesn’t matter if your riding down in a Euro car or not! Come join us! Share this and invite your friends!!!

-Walkie Talkies are #1 to keep communication
- Station will be 5
-Please fill up on gas before coming!!
-More info will be said during the meetup
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