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pre-68 Beetle - dimensions behind back seat

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pre-68 Beetle - dimensions behind back seat Empty pre-68 Beetle - dimensions behind back seat

Post by ultralite Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:26 am

I tried posting the following on Samba, no responses and thought I'd try here:

I found this link where someone thought they remembered the dimensions behind the seat:

And I found another thread where someone posted a picture of a Beetle that had cut away images with measurements but the numbers don't come through clearly since it is a scanned image.

I don't have a Beetle yet but will likely have a '67 before year end. I'm about to buy a 12v cooler for my '69 Westy. I have the choice down to 2. Once I have the Beetle I'd like to transport the cooler behind the back seat where I plan to install a quick 12v connection to the battery under the seat. I would choose the smaller of the 2 but it is more expensive. So, if the smaller is too big anyway, well then I would just go with the slightly larger less expensive one.

Can anyone confirm the measurements for the storage area behind the back seat of a pre-'68 Beetle please? While I have a lead on a '67, if it doesn't come through I still plan to find a pre-'68 soon.

Thanks in advance!

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