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windshield wiper bushings

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windshield wiper bushings Empty windshield wiper bushings

Post by pwmcguire Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:20 pm

This is just a little FYI on winshield wiper bushings that I discovered on wolfsburg west's website.
My wiper arms were wobbling as they moved, when I discovered these bushings, I ordered then immediately. I finally got around to installing them this weekend. I will give them a positive review, but they are not without issues. I installed them on a 66 beetle wiper assembly. First off they were very tight, I had to chamfer the leading edge to press them in the hole, which was difficult, this made the pivot shaft hard to insert. The bushing extended to far through the hole to let the circlip fit in the groove, so i trimmed it with a sharp knife. I am very pleased with the end result, there is no more wobble in my wiper arms, but this is my no means an easy job. Hopefully other years will be a different experience.
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