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Moonpie's Trike

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Moonpie's Trike Empty Moonpie's Trike

Post by Attorney Isaiah Loophole Sun Aug 31, 2014 11:36 am

Been working on Dad's trike off and on for a while now.  We picked up the body and rolling frame from my buddy Duck a couple years ago.....I am not sure where he said he got it.  It was built a while ago because on the neck was a Stone Mountain sticker from 1980.  By the time we got it it was in poor shape.  I only have few pictures of it because as usual I am terrible about taking pictures.  We went and did disc brakes on the rear with new lines and hoses and new master cylinder.  We did have to cut the old mc bracket off and make a new one.  We trimmed the foot rest and welded it back on.  Also extended the pedals so you don't have to hug the body to keep your feet on them.  Ended up using a buggy harness to use to rewire it.  We changed the handle bars and risers.  The body still has to be patched up from the holes cuts for speakers, radio, gauges and switches.  We are on the look for an old boat or something old made of fiberglass that is pretty thick to cut the patches and glass back in.  The buggy came to us with a long axle long spline tranny but without fenders on the body the wheels stuck out way too far.  So we swapped it out for a short axle short spline tranny.  For now we are just running 5.5" stock four lug wheels but definitely want to change the wheels in the future.  The frame has a clutch tube welded on it but it has too much bend in it and makes the clutch pedal very stiff.....looking to install a hydraulic clutch soon!  We cleaned up on old engine I had in the garage so he ride it a little before winter hits and then we will build or rebuild an engine for it.  
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Moonpie's Trike Empty Re: Moonpie's Trike

Post by DOODLE BUGG Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:16 pm

I want to see it pop a wheelie
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