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Got the go, now we need the Whoa!!!!!!

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Got the go, now we need the Whoa!!!!!! Empty Got the go, now we need the Whoa!!!!!!

Post by damon23 Sat May 24, 2014 8:09 pm

We got the 71 bus back from Tim a while ago but have not had time to fool with it. Well, go it out and had to adjust the rear brakes but the front brakes are not working. After looking the calipers are not moving when we press the pedal. So, I got a bunch of parts and went to work. Rebuilt the driver caliper and put on a new rotor. Even after that you can see the pads moving ever so slightly. I removed the rear brake line and had my son hit the pedal and the fluid did not rush out like on most cars. Strange thing though, when you press the pedal it goes about 1/4 of the way then it gets firm and then you feel it rapidly drop a little and back to firm and the bus slowly stops. But, the calipers up front are doing nothing. Also, I get the same pedal feel with the engine running and it off and the motor does not skip a beat when I press the brakes.

There are no leaks, I searched every fitting and wheel cylinders (they are new). With the front line disconnected from the caliper and the fluid trickling out when pressing the brake I would think booster but if it was the booster wouldn't the engine run bad?

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