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Post by rpm750 Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:41 pm

This Tutorial is to help new members understand the many features that our site has to offer. One such feature is the ability to post pictures and show your ride or offer parts for sale. Obviously we ask that you place post in the appropriate places so that folks visiting our site can easily find what you have posted. If you are selling something please place that info in the "For Sale" section and not in your personal ride post or someone else post. This just keeps the flow of our site nice and neat and we can delete adds in the "For Sale" section as they sell.

So now on to what this post is all about, Picture Posting.
Posting Pics  Image1-1

Now to have a nice post like this with a picture in it you can go about it in many ways. The first we will investigate will be a simple "Cut, Copy and Paste" method.
Unfortunately this site doesn't support a "Gallery" that I'm aware of. So because of this fact you will have to "Host" your photo somewhere on the web. Hosting is just a term that simply means you will have to upload the picture to an independent site on the web. Photobucket is one site, The Samba can be used also but keep in mind when using the Samba for "Hosting" that your picture is there until the site owner "Everette Barnes " removes it. You can't delete pics from the Samba. Also if you have uploaded an add to Craigslist and have uploaded pictures you can the link to those pictures as well. However if you or the site administrator removes that add then the links to those pictures will be dead and the pictures will not show up here on our site. This also goes for any site that you have linked to your hosted pictures. We will cover all of these situations but the concept is the same for most sites using the "Copy and Paste" method.

First lets cover linking our pictures to Craigslist....
Open your add so it is fully open.
Posting Pics  Image2-1

Next "Right Click" on the picture you want to link in your post.
Posting Pics  Image3-1
Copy the "Copy Image Location" line in the box that comes up after the right click.

Now go over to your GaDub page that you are going to post in and in the dialog box right click again and another box will open and you can click on "Paste" your link here.
Posting Pics  Image4-1

So after pasting your page should look like this.
Posting Pics  Image5

Now the "Image" code will need to be added.
Posting Pics  Image6

Time to review.
Posting Pics  Image7

I hope this way is explained well and you can understand how our site looks for pictures out on the web. Other options are as follows and you might even have your own way of going about this process.

Now lets review using the "Link" box to accomplish the above steps.
Posting Pics  Image8

Posting Pics  Image9

Now you will need to copy your image link like described above. Go back and review if needed.
You will paste that link in the "Link" box.
Posting Pics  Image10

After pasting you should see your link in the post with the image code added to it.
Posting Pics  Image11

Make sure you don't paste a link with the code added already it will give the following result.
Posting Pics  Image12

And that's all there is to using the "Link" box.

A couple of sites the I use already "Fix" a link for you to just paste into your post. The Samba is one that does this...
Posting Pics  Image13

Photobucket also packages a link for you as well. This is one example of where it is located on the screen.
Posting Pics  Image14

And here is another.
Posting Pics  Image15

I hope this helps with posting pictures here on our site.
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