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Post by rpm750 on Fri May 15, 2009 9:34 pm

Most of us have replaced rusted or warn out parts through the years and used a part that turned out to be, well just a piece of crap! Crap=Wasted Time + Cost of the Crap! Now there is a place that we can turn to voice our opinion and tell others to beware of such parts/suppliers. A full page add exists in this months issue of Hot VW's. I went to the site and it looks like a good place to start Cost + Time = Quality!

I have used CIP1 for about 95% of my parts for Oh Bugga. Most, about 99%, of those parts were of great quality but some of the parts are in the trash. Yeah I didn't waste more time to send them back. I'm sure that most of these companies will respond by reviewing their stock and eliminate these crappy parts. I've learned that OEM is best but if I have to buy aftermarket I will check first.

Keep in mind this is a newer site and right now they don't have that much but I can see that with time it will provide abundant information.
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Post by Damn-it Don on Fri May 15, 2009 9:52 pm

You're right, a resource like that will definitely grow, and be a huge service!
Heres my "Testimonial"!
I have been looking at some ads and catalogs, but made a few phone calls the last week to find some rims. I learned a huge amount about what was available, new or used and the quality of all. Holy Sh**!!! Embarassed
I had been VERY close to spending foolish money on crap!

I'm so glad, everyday, I get a little smarter study
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