Showing up with a water cooled, an Object Lesson from our weekly meetings!

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Showing up with a water cooled, an Object Lesson from our weekly meetings!

Post by dlandvw3 on Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:03 pm

One of our guys showed up to our weekly meeting in his watercooled VW, and worked on it for a bit. Almost every one of us, when we saw it in the shop, stared at it, and said "wait, that's not aircooled.....what's going on?" it was strange and different.

Sadly, a lot of Churches do this and we're losing visitors and new members because of it.

Think about it, if you've visited a Church recently, did they stare at you like"wait, that's not a normal person here" or "hey, there's some new person in the seat I normally sit in, that's not right" or did someone immediately come up, welcome you, thank you, etc. Sometimes we get too comfortable, too complacent in our Church routine and we tend to look at visitors and change as bad or hard to handle. We need to change that to grow people in faith. We need to be inviting, welcoming, and open.

We jumped in and worked on this weird car that had.....gasp......a radiator! We even drained weird greenish liquid called antifreeze!!! We fixed it and he drove home, and we grew a little because of it.

Lets do that in our Churches too! Welcome change, welcome different. If a visitor comes that looks different, dresses different, welcome them, learn about them and love them, show God's Grace to them!
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