Great job by Brad at Atlanta Aircooled

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Great job by Brad at Atlanta Aircooled

Post by ultralite on Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:44 pm

I love maintaining my engine and general tinkering on my 69 Westy. But I hate certain jobs, door/window rubber being among them. I ordered all my window and door kits from Bus Depot and then dropped everything off with Brad.

He did a great job. And he was easy to work with. While the Bus was there I found a stock muffler. I had it shipped directly to him and he took it in stride and did the muffler too.

MAN, what a difference a stock muffler makes! And now the wind whistling is gone with all the new rubber.

Posting this to do what I can to support our locals. I hope some future new person on the scene finds this post and knows there's help nearby.

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