Using a Dual Kadron Single intake with dual 34's

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Using a Dual Kadron Single intake with dual 34's

Post by ASBug on Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:25 am

Been toying with this idea for a 90mm case and sp heads I have to build.
But could use this on the bus.
The Kadron mounts are almost the same spacing as a DP Carb.
I am having some 34's reworked and was thinking about wallowing the kadron holes slightly to mount the 34's on a SP 1600 I have in the bus.
I can get the ball's for the kadron linkage to work on this set up.
Has any one else ever tried this?
I am thinking it will be jetted too rich, but I have an assortment of jets from 28's, 30's, and so forth to try.
I am also thinking about doing this with a set of 28's on a 1700 T4 engine for the ghia.
The same scenario, wallow a little so as to be able to mount the 28's on the smaller T4's carbs.
This would allow me to adjust the carbs individually in lieu of the OEM set up of only adjusting one carb.

Don't seem to be getting any interest in the Kadron SP intake I have and was just thinking outside the box a little...
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