Krist Novoselic the VW mechanic

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Krist Novoselic the VW mechanic

Post by fluxcap on Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:09 pm

So I was searching google images trying to find a logo for a band called Superchunk, and I saw a beetle in the returned thumbnails and just had to click on it. When the larger picture came up I instantly realized who it was. It was Krist Novoselic, the bass player for Nirvana. So then I did a search for his name and VW, and came up with some more stuff. Apparently he's pretty big into old VWs.

First pic I came across

This pic below was from twitter, he said it was a 59 he has in his shed. Probably needs the ragtop since he's like 12 feet tall.

I also found some interview he did where he talks about vw's:

"......So I grew up on a heavy dose of television, and I was always interested in music. I listened
to a lot of AM radio. I think one of the reasons why I ti nker on Volkswagens is that my
father always owned one and would always ti nker on them. So I would hang out with
him and we would listen to the radio. And then we would go to these swap meets."

"......Novoselic: I had a car. I think I was 17 or 18 when I had a car Ö when I was back in
Aberdeen. I think I was 18 when I got my driverís license because I never took driverís
ed. And my dad bought me this 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, and he got it for 600 bucks or
something like that, at one of those used car lots in Aberdeen. It was a solid car Ö good
transportati on. Then we got a Volkswagen van. My dad helped me get it. Thatís when I got
hooked on Volkswagens. I would maintain it, and I would prett y much drive Volkswagens
since then. I got like a bug, and I got another bug, and then another van, and then the í65
van. I would just keep them on the road. I never had a credit card.

Hughes: Thereís something wondrous about an old VW engine, you know? You can fi x
them literally with bailing wire. Put on a new fan belt, and youíre back on the road.

Novoselic: Theyíre forgiving, yeah, pretty tough. God, theyíre obsolete cars. I donít know
why I hang on to them. Itís just my nostalgia.

And a blurb from another article I found:

"Before Nirvana became popular, my individual transportation was what you would expect of a nearly broke bass player: Volkswagens from the 1960s. These well-built cars get great gas mileage and are easy to fix. I once bought a 1965 VW bus that didnít run for $100. I put another cheap used engine in it and drove it all over! Eventually I drove it from Tacoma to Los Angeles for the session at which Nirvana recorded Nevermind. Instead of driving it back, I sold it for $400."

I don't know, just found it interesting, Nirvana at the Omni was the first concert I ever went to (think I was 14). Be cool to run into him at a VW show in the pacific northwest.

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Re: Krist Novoselic the VW mechanic

Post by bakertim2 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:43 pm

That's pretty cool. I like to hear about celebrities who like VWs.
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