installing pop outs

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installing pop outs

Post by blupuick on Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:16 am

I have been told by several people to just use rivets to install my pop out windows into my '73 standard. I have read the drill bit size and rivet size somewhere to do this but I guess I didn't save the info. Does anyone have a link or know the info? Thanks in advance. Also what kind of screws should I us for the latches? Just regular self tapping?
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Re: installing pop outs

Post by fluxcap on Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:43 am

I'm pretty sure your 73 should already have all the holes drilled for pop-outs, so no drill bits should be needed. They started pre-drilling them at the factory sometime around 64.

The front holes for the hinges should be easy to find once you have your stationary glass removed. The latch holes may be harder to find if you have your headliner installed. You'll need to get the hinge side of the window installed, then hold it in place and see approximately where the latch will line up. Then take a small sewing needle and poke it through the headliner and wiggle it around. You should be able to find the latch holes with the needle.

Sorry, can't help you for a rivet size. For the latches, you'll probably want to use an oval head screw, but again, not sure of the correct size.


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