B5.5 Grill install on a MK4 w/EuroWise Front bumper - How to...

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B5.5 Grill install on a MK4 w/EuroWise Front bumper - How to...

Post by ASBug on Tue May 15, 2012 9:45 am

I just did this mod and Thought I would share it with everyone.
When I got the Wifey the 2004 B5.5 Passat wagon, it came with another spray-bombed out front grill that was in great shape, just all blacked out.
I just got this Mk4 GTI VR6 that had a Eurowise front bumper on it. The PO had cud down an OEM MK4 grill insert to use in this set up and it just didn't work out well.
The MK 4 grill was very brittle and had cracked (PO used Drywall screws to mount it into the bumper.. yeah lol.)
any way it looked horrible and I just pulled it out, but didn't like the radius in the hood and the large hole in the front of the car.
So one day in the garage, I looked at the extra B5.5 grill I had and noted all the extra bracing on the back of the grill and that it was much more pliable than the MK4 one was.
I decided that I would just try to mock it up and initial looks seemed to indicate this would work and look good (B5.5 VW logo is alot larger than the MK4 Logo, but amazingly it looked like it would just fit!)
So here is my story with photos sorry for the crappy cell phone photos, but you get the idea...:
This is what the MK 4 looked like: (yeah it looked like a turd and was broken up...)

This is what I had been running around with:

Here is a comparison between the cut up MK4 and the B5.5 grill:

Step one was to remove some pieces:

Step 2 was to remove ALLOT of other pieces Twisted Evil :

Then I was able to start the trial and fitment (take your time here, this will require abunch of off and ons to get the look just right):

Was able to use the OEM Bumper mounts for mounting! Look how the top rib is perfect with the edge of the bumper, it is almost exact!:

This is one of the ons and offs to get it right, just be patient:

End Result:

Side View (I like the Lay of the B5.5 against the slope of the Eurowise Bumper..):

I like the look, will get some outside shots when the weather is nicer.
Good luck,

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