my new 66 no name yet

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my new 66 no name yet

Post by 60andslow on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:47 am

went a few weeks ago to pick her up. shes very solid no rust. has a nice singleport i got running (tune up, rebuilt carb, fuel pump,plug wires, plugs. po had the tranny rebuilt 6yrs ago. i sealed gas tank, put a stinger on her and droped the back. replaced 2 wheel cyls... went thr all the wiring everything works and is in tack and hasent been cut or hacked. fresh batt. came w a hurst shfter... and external oil cooler, screw on oil filter... though that was sweet. she has bee sitting for 5 years and there was so much crud on the windows u couldent see in or i scraped all the windows off. dident wash her (dont plan to) plans of now are to drop the front w a 6in beam w drop spindles, new balljoints, tierods, that i will be picking up from tim in a week or 2, some fresh tires... bleed the brakes and roll it. ill post some more pics when i get a chance to.

(oh and yeah im goingback in a month or so to get the orange 1980 conv golf gti. shes cherry... really no body damage... 64xxx og miles had a wiring issue ab 8 years ago and has just been parked. plan to get someone to just rewire the thing and get a new top...

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