Anyone want to help me bleed brakes tomorrow?

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Anyone want to help me bleed brakes tomorrow?

Post by vwgirl on Tue May 11, 2010 7:51 pm

I need to take my calipers off and rebuild them... but my husband won't be home tomorrow night and we are leaving friday morning so don't want to do it last minute thursday... will if I have to though... just figured if someone was bored and in the Marietta Barret pkway/ powder springs rd area if you want to stop by...

Going to be a long day tomorrow... need to rebuild the calipers, bleed the brakes, install a head unit... I *think* I may install injectors... may not... seems to be running okay now that I have new spark plugs... I don't want to get down the road and have it die on me... anyone know of some nice steep hills that I can try to go up at speed? I tried a 12% grade today, but it was so short I don't think it mattered... Also need to check the valves and make sure they are okay... haven't cracked open the valves covers in 30k miles... maybe? maybe i have... maybe fuel pressure test? who knows... let me know if you feel like coming by to help!

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