Q's on Carbs (1500>1600)

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Q's on Carbs (1500>1600)

Post by 68buggirrl on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:11 pm

Can a 34 pict -3 Carb manifold (1600 motor) be put onto my (1500) motor without any other modifications or having to buy more parts?
Is there a adapter for the 34 pict -3 Carb to fit a 1500 manifold?

Story, haha,
I have a 31 pict carb and it blew out a round piece so we put a dime in it and a really nice guy from here gave me a car (34 pict-3) and well it doesnt fit (manifold is too small on my 1500) From my research its for a 70's model bug. I also have a adapter but its not helping (adapter works to put a 31 carb on a 34 pict 3 manifold) haha.

So would it work to put a 1600 manifold on my 1500 bug? Maybe add some hp lol. (like 2hp haha)
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Re: Q's on Carbs (1500>1600)

Post by Bugman114 on Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:06 pm

i'm guessing its still singleport, right? if so, i don't think they ever made an intake with the larger flange for a 34pict to fit on a single port, but i may be wrong. and i've never seen an adaptor to do this. i've seen plenty of the adaptors to put a 30 on a 34 manifold, but never the other way around. i would think you might be able to mofify the 30 to 34 adaptor to work, but have no idea how to do that.

the only thing that comes to mind, would be to buy those aftermarket single port end castings, and just use a stock dual port intake manifold. or get DP heads. not sure which would be easier for you tho. just a thought
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