Serious Rail buggy for sale.or trade for pontoon boat

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Serious Rail buggy for sale.or trade for pontoon boat

Post by MoblMec on Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:58 pm

I have a CUSTOM built off road rail buggy.  I had the frame custom build by Beeline Buggy . It is a explorer frame that has double  roll bars for extra safety and COOL looks. This is a 4 seat frame that has been shortened 10 inches so it will get around in the woods better.It also has storage area in the back over the engine
I named it XPEDITION.
Here is a list of stuff that went in it.
Frame painted OD Green
Aluminum diamond plate floor and roof.
Aluminium diamond plate front skid pan
Aluminium diamond plate gas tank.
Aluminium diamond palte overhead dash with gauges and switches.
4 high back suspension seats
4 speed competition shifter
Tilt and detachable  steering wheel.
4 roof mounted lights
King pin front end tuned up
VW rear suspension with custom extended and boxed swing arms
4 speed bus trans with high end german spider gears
VW front brakes and Nissan Sentra rear disk brakes
CNC cutting brake
CNC brake master cylinders
CNC clutch slave cylinder
Bilstein Shocks
4 - Star 5 spoke pattern wheels powder coated black
2 - rear Super Swamper tires
2 - front Desert Dog  tires
I am sure I am forgetting some things
I built this buggy with a 1600 type 4 engine that lasted 1 week as it was junk when I got it. So pulled it and started a type 4   2.0 build had a set of heads built started gathering parts then decided that a VW engine was not the way I wanted to go.
Was planning a GM Ecotec 4 cly water cooled engine Because stock they push 150 hp and the  2.0 vw was around 75 hp. The ECOTEC can be hopped up to over 300 hp cheaper and more reliable and with parts and engins more readily available.
Just never finished the project.
I do have extra VW parts, motor parts included that will go with it.
Just no motor in it now.
There s a detachable tow bar that comes with it.
I have around $9000 invested not counting many hours of building it.this was going to be a SERIOUS Woods Adventure Buggy and still can be.
We have decided that we want a PONTOON BOAT more than a woods buggy because my wife and I both have Jeep Grand Cherokees for the woods adventures.
So I am looking to trade for a pontoon boat in the 20-24 foot range and 75-100 hp motor and trailer in good condition. Please send pics .
Will sell for $6500 OBO

Tim Spry
Helen Ga

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